Excellent Taste with Excellent Production
Namet Cayirova Integrated Facility of Meat and Meat Products

Furnished with state-of-art equipments, Namet Cayirova Plants has come to action in as of 2001. Having a closed area of 34.600 m², this giant plant produces deli products, fresh meat, further processed products, frozen meatball and burgers.

Shown as technology base of taste world, facility complies with standards of Europe and World at every aspect.

Meat Art Center: Red Meat Chopping Line

The production in Namet Cayirova Plant begins with red meat chopping line. For health and quality purposes, the temperature in here and in all other production areas is kept at +8 °C. Slaughtered in most hygienic and modern environment at Kayarlar Bursa Meat Complex, the meats come to Namet Cayirova Facility by frigorific vehicles without breaking the cold-chain. Unloaded at the acceptance area, carcass meats are left to rest at 00C cold storages after veterinarian and retrospective traceability controls and wait their turn to enter the chopping line.

At the chopping line, the meats are processed with an artistic meticulous. Butchers, the knights of the meat as we called them, chop the carcasses and sort them by their types. For excellent hygienic purpose, conveyors are kept under control by ultraviolet light at all times against micro bacterial contamination.

After chopping line the meats are distribute to the lines of deli, fresh meat, further processed products, and frozen products

*Retrospective traceability criteria:
  • Certificate of Origin: Proof of generation of the animal, taken from the producer
  • Bar Coding: Complex ID of the animal
  • Batch No: Daily production info of the product.
  • Namet Deli Line: Where the delicious flavors are born.

    Combining Turkish palates with superior technology, Namet reaches the excellent taste by establishing same standards for all products. The meats that are being prepared for soujouk, salami, ham, and sausages are cleaned from their tendons while they were minced. In order to reach the highest quality, analysis of fat, proteins, and water are performed by computer-controlled standardization machine that connected directly to data process department.

    In the filling stage of the products, experienced employees show their expertise. Filled with utmost importance on hygienic conditions soujouk, salamis, hams, and sausages are now ready to be sent to the cooking and fermentation stages according to their product groups.

    Filled products are then cooked in the computer-controlled furnaces, showered, and taken to the pre-cooling chambers. Smoked products are cooked in the fumigation furnaces, fried are in double-walled steam-heated vessels, and hams are boiled in the boiler vessels.

    In the fermented soujouk line, prepared products are maturated in the special fermentation chambers, and then rested in the air-controlled chambers (temperature, humidity, and ventilation in the controlled hygienic environment)

    Pastrami, the most elegant taste of traditional Turkish cuisine, is produced from the best meats under the hygienic conditions.

    A First in Turkey: 100% hand-free slicing and packaging!
    Namet performs the slicing and packaging process of deli products without having to touch them. With this superiority, Namet makes a difference in the sector in terms of hygienic and quality

    The Freshest State of the Meat: Namet Fresh Meat Line

    Some of the meats from copping line comes to the fresh meat line and are turned into block meat, mince meat, casserole, and other types. For retail sales points, meats are packaged in M.A.P (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) as small portions. For mass-consumption sale points, meats are covered with printed cases, vacuumed by advanced technology methods and shrunk. After the last controls they take their place in the storages to be shipped.

    Convenience for the Kitchens: Further Processed Products Line

    Namet cares about creating new categories as well as caring about technology and quality. As an indicator of innovative aspect of Namet, further processed products line produces most loved tastes of Turkish cuisine, doner kebab being first. Enriching by the researches of R & D department, the products of this category are cooked by expert cooks in utmost hygienic conditions and packaged without being touched by hand and delivered to the consumers having all their freshness intact.

    A taste coming from -45 degrees: Frozen Products Line

    In frozen products line, Namet produces variety of meatballs and burgers that suit Turkish palate. Taking various shapes in automatic shaping machines, meatballs and burgers are frozen at -45 °C in just few minutes to keep their flavor and freshness at maximum level. They are immediately packaged and stored in cooling storages.